About us

Narrative has been embedded in our social and cultural DNA since the dawn of civilization. From mythology to history; from religion to philosophy, our stories were the sum total of the experiences we processed across generations and how we gave them meaning.  Although the technology that powered these stories evolved over team, the indelible connection between past and present, between fantasy and reality, was the word. For millennia, it was the word, first spoken and only recently written, that through the shamans around the campfires spelled the survival of our species by connecting us to our traditions and each other.  Now, at a time when the entertainment industry is at a stalemate, sustained by tentpole movies and recycled ideas, a new era of storytelling is on the horizon.  We are at the beginning of yet another innovation revolution as far reaching as the Gutenberg Press.  We more than ever must remember the purpose of our stories; to connect, inspire and promote the best in our society.  And that is where our journey begins.  We are innovators. We are creators. We are collaborators. We are storytellers.  We bring decades of experience coupled with the passion and curiosity to master the unknown.  We are the magic alchemy that lies in the gap between the poet and the engineer.  Come laugh and cry with us. Become a pioneer on the road to what's next.  Let's build worlds together. For we are many as are one.  And We Are Legion.  Join us.